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At Sans Studio I offer an express graphic design services alongside empathic cooperation. You don’t have to be an expert in this field, to realize your ideas – you can leave it to me!

Why choose Sans Studio?

Sans Studio is a company created and operated since 2019 and is actually a one person – me – Agnieszka Duczyńska.

I am an independent graphic designer, illustrator, web designer and video editor with vast experiences in additional creative fields, with first commissioned work created in 2011.

Graduated with distinction from Vocational Technical School with IT Technician Qualification and currently a Graphic Design BA student at University of Hertfordshire – I combine passion and understanding of the technical aspects with design sensitivities.

Sans Studio at first was a mock name for the company, which I had opened without even an address to register at. The rush came from the need to be able to serve my first client as quickly as I could. The name is a play on word Sans, a French preposition used in Graphic Design to signify a lack-of something. In here – lack of actual Studio! 

As a freelance Graphic Design software instructor I understand, that you don’t have to be an expert in the area to have an idea in your mind. I treat it as my personal mission to deliver it to you, just as you want it.

Your projects realized via Sans Studio will stay safe for years to come! As a back-up aficionado I keep all of my open files and exports in an organized order and with proper labelling, making it easy to recover the files and edit prior projects even 10 years later!

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Jump the graphic design deadline with me

Jump the graphic design deadline with me

Tight on time? Someone stood you up? You need a design ASAP? Let me jump straight into it!

I can provide design solutions in crunch deadlines from the get-go. The fastest way to reach me is through mobile. Don’t forget to mention the urgency of the design at hand and have all of the materials and basic information (deadline, type of design, digital/print/both, format) ready to be relied.

As soon as we settle on a price I can start working to provide you with the fastest solution.

What does Sans Studio create?


Social Media Posts
EPUB & MOBI book typesetting
Basic 3D modeling
Webdesign (CMS + code)
Key-words search


Packaging design
Print-proofing designs
Print Catalogues
Business Cards
Typesetting for Print


Video Recording
Video Editing
Basic Animation
Sound Design
Sound Recording
Video Voicing


Logo & Brand Identification
Illustration (Raster & Vector)
Book Typesetting
Document Typesetting
Floor Plans

…& more!

What clients say?

Working with Agnieszka is a breeze. We had trouble with printing shop but everything was resolved quickly. An honest service provider.
I recommend graphic services provided by Agnieszka. Ordered logo made quickly, carefully and with attention to detail. I liked the individual approach to the client and direct contact to introduce any corrections.
Great communicator and fast worker, Agnieszka's last minute web design helped to finish a project in time.
I had logo lifting done by Agnieszka and I am happy to refer her services. Every potential use was well thought out and most importantly logo prints well on each occasion :).